fbpx What are some other ways I could use Novella?

What are some other ways I could use Novella?

While the default experience is between you and your Spotlight, here are some other ideas to experiment with!

  • Choose to record about your own life. Share about your life as a gift to give others, and invite them to ask you questions!
  • Create a community with your family named as the Spotlight instead of an individual, for example “Williams Family”. Everyone can contribute writing prompts or questions, and everyone can submit answers to be watched by others in the community. Try it during a family gathering and have everyone share their answer to the same question!
  • Create a community and invite people with a shared experience, such as a Veteran’s group. Recording and sharing with others is a therapeutic and helpful process.
  • Use a Novella community to honor the memory of someone who has already passed. Novella has been used for Celebration of Life events where people collectively record and share memories of a loved one.