fbpx 5 Unique Ways To Preserve Your Family Memories

5 Unique Ways To Preserve Your Family Memories

1. Use Your Phone to Digitize Family Photos

Sometimes your best family photos are stuck in an old box in the closet, making it hard to share those memories with your loved ones. Now, with the help of your phone, digitizing those photos is easier than ever! iPhones offer a simple, built-in method for digitizing photos using the “Scan Documents” feature in the Notes app. First, open the Notes app and create a new note. Then, simply tap the camera icon and select “Scan Documents.” Alternatively, you can download PhotoScan by Google Photos from your app store, providing another easy-to-use solution to turn old memories into easily shareable photos.  

For more detailed instructions, check out these videos on how to scan photos with your iPhone or Android device.

Scan Photos with your iPhone Phone
Scan Photos with your Android Phone

2. Log Special Moments in a Family Event Journal 

Journaling is an easy method for capturing the details of those special moments in our lives. By setting aside a few minutes after each family event to write down the essential details, you can create a beautiful book of your shared memories. You can even include your loved ones in this project by taking turns writing each entry. This way, your journal will capture each special occasion and the perspectives of those you love.    

3. Record Voice Notes with Your Loved Ones 

While photos and journals help us to remember the past, there is something extra special about hearing the voice of your loved ones. Maybe you’re at family dinner, and Grandpa is about to tell that favorite childhood story. Thanks to the Voice Memos app on your iPhone, you can easily capture every nuance and inflection with the press of a button. 

4. Create a Digital Family Photo Album

There’s nothing like flipping through your mom’s old photo albums, each photo hand-selected to highlight a beautiful memory. Unfortunately, today’s photos often get lost in the camera roll next to our accidental screenshots. However, you can now recreate those special collections with iCloud by creating a digital photo album where you can store the most important memories. Digital photo albums can even be shared with your loved ones, allowing everyone to gather their favorite family photos in one place! With everyone sharing their favorite images, you never know what sweet memories you will find next time you open your digital photo album. 

Check out these videos for step-by-step instructions on how to create a shared photo albums with iCloud or Google Photos

5. Interview a Loved One with Novella! 

There is no better way to preserve your family stories than on high-quality video. While pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are priceless because they are the best way to capture someone’s personality and presence. The Novella app guides you to ask your loved ones thoughtful questions, and records them as they tell childhood stories, relive their greatest hits, and share their most valuable wisdom.  Come away with stories that your family will cherish forever. 

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