fbpx 10 Things To Do Before You Die To Enhance Your Legacy 
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10 Things To Do Before You Die To Enhance Your Legacy 

We are in the business of helping people enhance the legacy they are leaving behind. We believe that your legacy starts long before your passing and continues on for years to come. It’s important to think about how your loved ones will remember you before it’s too late. 

Here are 10 ways to enhance your legacy:

1. Leave A Time Capsule- Leave a time capsule for your loved ones to open on a special occasion or event in their life after you have passed. Such as a graduation, wedding day, birth of a child, or milestone birthday. This could be something like a letter, a gift, or a video! 

2. Invest In Experiences- Memories are a much better legacy investment than things. Gifts can be really special, but what stands out to you more than a gift from a loved one? Time spent with them. Invest more in your experiences with your loved ones than the things you give them. 

3. Reconnect With Long Lost Friends- It is so special to reconnect with those who share parts of your history that others around you may not. Call up an old friend! Rebuild a connection. 

4. Forgive Someone or Ask For Forgiveness-  As you think about your legacy, who do you need to forgive, and who do you need to ask forgiveness from? None of us are perfect. The goal of asking for and giving forgiveness is to re-establish the connections that are important to us.

5. Give A Keepsake- My grandmother was a quilter. For my wedding, she gave me a quilt. I am so grateful to have had the experience of opening it and seeing her face fill with joy. Whenever I use it, I think of her. What keepsakes can you share with your loved ones now? 

6. Offer Help to Someone Who Needs It- Helping others can bring a deep sense of purpose to your life. Find a person or family member you can help by giving of your resources, whatever they may be. Grow your legacy with generosity.

7. Be Weary of Criticism- A lasting legacy needs a firm foundation of kindness and respect. Being too critical of those around you can erode them both. When you can be anything in this world, first and foremost, be kind. 

8.  Play a Practical Joke- We all hope that our loved ones have happy, funny stories to tell about us. So, give them something to laugh about! Play a practical joke on one of your family members. 

9. Become Best Friends with Gratitude- When thinking about your life and the legacy you are leaving, intentionally practice gratitude. Regret can be a heavy load to carry both for you and your loved ones. Gratitude is the antidote to regret. Start each day by saying three things you are grateful for. They can be big or small. You can do it alone or with a loved one. 

10. Make A Novella- Preserve your essence and stories in a high-quality interview for your loved ones to watch when they miss you or want to share more about you with their kids. A Novella allows your family to connect on our app and submit questions to you that our team will ask during the interview! Talk about a legacy! Just imagine if you could have a Novella of your loved ones that have passed. That would be so special, right? Get started for free at www.meetnovella.com.

Written by Alora Johnson, MA Organizational Psychology, and Pam Slakey, MFT